About Us

Bow Art Canada has been dedicated to bringing our customers the highest quality gift bows since 1995 

 Kwik Bows were developed as an alternative to traditional gift bows because they are a fool proof way to make every gift shine. Our bows are easy to store so that they don't get damaged in drawers or cupboards, and are super quick to puff-up and add to your gift or basket.

Every gift is a gift from the heart so we take extra care in creating our pull bows in a large  number of colours and sizes to suit the needs of every gift and every occasion. Our Kwik Bows have been used again and again to add an extra special touch to wrapping. They have been used in weddings for center-pieces and pew bows, in retail stores for custom gift wrapping, in florists to accessorize bouquets, and more!

Here are a few fun facts about us:

  • We've sold millions of  bows to happy customers, large and small, in the USA and Canada
  • We offer a large variety of  bow styles, colours, and materials
  • Our business is family owned and run which means we provide the highest level of customer service
  • Pull bows were invented in the early 1970's and are as popular today as they were when first introduced
We know you'll love our amazing pull bows and we look forward to hearing about how you use them to make your gift wrapping easier