What's a Pull Bow?

The most versatile, easy, and fast gift wrapping accessory you've ever used!

At first a pull bow doesn't look like much: a few pieces of ribbon that are bonded or linked together. Its flat, long, and doesn't at all look like a bow. But, this isn't ordinary ribbon with a random pattern, this is a pull bow. Each weld or link  of ribbon to ribbon is perfectly placed in just the right spot to transform a 2 dimensional object into a beautiful, fully formed bow!

Gold Multi-Loop Pull-Bow

Hand turning pull bow ribbon into a gift bow

Here's how the magic works:

  1. Open the bottom of the bow to reveal the inner ribbons
  2. Hold the bow with one hand, pull the inner ribbons with the other hand.
  3. As you pull the inner ribbons, your bow will come to life.
  4. Use the inner ribbons to tie on to your present, or curl them to add flair to the bow.

The rest is up to you!

Now that you've got your bow, use it make your gifts, baskets, and bouquets beautiful! You can use the banding ribbon to wrap the bow around an object, or tape the bow to a gift and curl the ribbon for added texture. You'll love how simple and fast it is to make your gifts look grand!

Best of all, Kwik Bows store flat so they'll never be crushed or crinkled. Keep them on hand in your accessory drawer and never worry about wrapping a gift again!


It really is this easy!

Illustration of pull bow being puffed up and placed on a gift basket